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James 2

Jms 2:1 My brothers and sisters, do not show favoritism; honor the faith of our Master Jesus the Anointed!
Jms 2:2 If someone comes to your meeting wearing fine jewelry and fancy clothes, and another in filthy rags,
Jms 2:3 you tell the rich one to take the seat of honor and the poor one to stand in the back like a slave!
Jms 2:4 Did you not discriminate among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?
Jms 2:5 Listen! Doesn’t God choose the poor of the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom promised to those who love him?
Jms 2:6 Yet you insult the poor! Aren’t the rich the ones who harass you and drag you into court?
Jms 2:7 Are they not the ones who speak disrespectfully against the ideal Name you bear?
Jms 2:8 The best thing to do is to fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, “Love others as yourself.”
Jms 2:9 But if you play favorites you are failing and are exposed by the law as criminals,
Jms 2:10 because anyone who keeps the whole law but trips over just one thing is guilty of lawbreaking nonetheless.
Jms 2:11 The One who said “Do not commit adultery” also said “Do not murder,” so if you don’t commit adultery but do commit murder, you have still broken the law.
Jms 2:12 So speak and act as those who are about to be judged by the law of freedom,
Jms 2:13 for the Judge will show no mercy to those who don’t show mercy. Mercy trumps judgment!
Jms 2:14 My brothers and sisters, what do you gain when you say you have faith but never act on it? That is not a faith that saves.
Jms 2:15 Suppose a brother or sister is lacking food and clothing,
Jms 2:16 and you just send them away with “Well, I hope you get some food and clothes”; what good is that?
Jms 2:17 In the same way, faith that is never put into action is dead because it is alone.
Jms 2:18 Now someone may say, “You have faith and I have actions.” But without actions, how will anyone know you have faith?
Jms 2:19 So you believe in one God— fine, but so do the demons, who not only believe but shake with fear!
Jms 2:20 Are you demanding, empty-headed one, to know why this invisible faith is useless?
Jms 2:21 Look at our ancestor Abraham; wasn’t he shown to be just when he offered up his son Isaac on the altar?
Jms 2:22 You can see that his faith and actions worked together, and the actions completed the faith.
Jms 2:23 And that fulfilled the scripture, “Abraham believed God, so he was credited with righteousness,” and he was called the Friend of God.
Jms 2:24 So you can see that a person is shown to be righteous from works and not only from faith.
Jms 2:25 Likewise with the prostitute Rahab; was she not shown to be righteous by her actions when she sheltered the army scouts and then sent them out by another route?
Jms 2:26 Just as the body is dead when separated from the spirit, so also faith is dead when separated from actions.
Jms 2:1 αδελφοι μου μη εν προσωποληψιαις εχετε την πιστιν του κυριου ἡμων ιησου χριστου της δοξης
Jms 2:2 εαν γαρ εισελθη εις συναγωγην ὑμων ανηρ χρυσοδακτυλιος εν εσθητι λαμπρα εισελθη δε και πτωχος εν ῥυπαρα εσθητι
Jms 2:3 επιβλεψητε δε επι τον φορουντα την εσθητα την λαμπραν και ειπητε συ καθου ὡδε καλως και τω πτωχω ειπητε συ στηθι εκει η καθου ὡδε ὑπο το ὑποποδιον μου
Jms 2:4 ου διεκριθητε εν ἑαυτοις και εγενεσθε κριται διαλογισμων πονηρων
Jms 2:5 ακουσατε αδελφοι μου αγαπητοι ουχ ὁ θεος εξελεξατο τους πτωχους τω κοσμω πλουσιους εν πιστει και κληρονομους της βασιλειας ἡς επηγγειλατο τοις αγαπωσιν αυτον
Jms 2:6 ὑμεις δε ητιμασατε τον πτωχον ουχ οἱ πλουσιοι καταδυναστευουσιν ὑμων και αυτοι ἑλκουσιν ὑμας εις κριτηρια
Jms 2:7 ουκ αυτοι βλασφημουσιν το καλον ονομα το επικληθεν εφ᾽ ὑμας
Jms 2:8 ει. μεντοι νομον τελειτε βασιλικον κατα την γραφην αγαπησεις τον πλησιον σου ὡς σεαυτον καλως ποιειτε
Jms 2:9 ει. δε προσωποληπτειτε ἁμαρτιαν εργαζεσθε ελεγχομενοι ὑπο του νομου ὡς παραβαται
Jms 2:10 ὁστις γαρ ὁλον τον νομον τηρηση πταιση δε εν ἑνι γεγονεν παντων ενοχος
Jms 2:11 ὁ γαρ ειπων μη μοιχευσης ειπεν και μη φονευσης ει. δε ου μοιχευσεις φονευσεις δε γεγονας παραβατης νομου
Jms 2:12 οὑτως λαλειτε και οὑτως ποιειτε ὡς δια νομου ελευθεριας μελλοντες κρινεσθαι
Jms 2:13 ἡ γαρ κρισις ανελεος τω μη ποιησαντι ελεος κατακαυχαται ελεος κρισεως
Jms 2:14 τι το οφελος αδελφοι μου εαν πιστιν λεγη τις εχειν εργα δε μη εχη μη δυναται ἡ πιστις σωσαι αυτον
Jms 2:15 εαν αδελφος η αδελφη γυμνοι ὑπαρχωσιν και λειπομενοι της εφημερου τροφης
Jms 2:16 ειπη δε τις αυτοις εξ ὑμων ὑπαγετε εν ειρηνη θερμαινεσθε και χορταζεσθε μη δωτε δε αυτοις τα επιτηδεια του σωματος τι το οφελος
Jms 2:17 οὑτως και ἡ πιστις εαν μη εχη εργα νεκρα εστιν καθ᾽ ἑαυτην
Jms 2:18 αλλ᾽ ερει τις συ πιστιν εχεις καγω εργα εχω δειξον μοι την πιστιν σου χωρις των εργων καγω σοι δειξω εκ των εργων μου την πιστιν
Jms 2:19 συ πιστευεις ὁτι εἱς εστιν ὁ θεος καλως ποιεις και τα δαιμονια πιστευουσιν και φρισσουσιν
Jms 2:20 θελεις δε γνωναι ω.. ανθρωπε κενε ὁτι ἡ πιστις χωρις των εργων αργη εστιν
Jms 2:21 αβρααμ ὁ πατηρ ἡμων ουκ εξ εργων εδικαιωθη ανενεγκας ισαακ τον υἱον αυτου επι το θυσιαστηριον
Jms 2:22 βλεπεις ὁτι ἡ πιστις συνηργει τοις εργοις αυτου και εκ των εργων ἡ πιστις ετελειωθη
Jms 2:23 και επληρωθη ἡ γραφη ἡ λεγουσα επιστευσεν δε αβρααμ τω θεω και ελογισθη αυτω εις δικαιοσυνην και φιλος θεου εκληθη
Jms 2:24 ὁρατε ὁτι εξ εργων δικαιουται ανθρωπος και ουκ εκ πιστεως μονον
Jms 2:25 ὁμοιως δε και ῥααβ ἡ πορνη ουκ εξ εργων εδικαιωθη ὑποδεξαμενη τους αγγελους και ἑτερα ὁδω εκβαλουσα
Jms 2:26 ὡσπερ γαρ το σωμα χωρις πνευματος νεκρον εστιν οὑτως και ἡ πιστις χωρις των εργων νεκρα εστιν