To The Philippians

1:1Paul and Timothy, slaves of Anointed Jesus,

To all in Philippi set apart with the Anointed, together with the guardians and attendants:

1:2Favor and peace to you from God our Father and Master Jesus the Anointed!

1:3I thank my God every time I think of you,1:4always making requests for your sakes with great joy,1:5because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now.1:6And I am confident that the One who initiated a good work in you will keep making installments on it to the very Day of Anointed Jesus.

1:7It is appropriate for me to have this attitude toward all of you, because you have all kept me in your hearts, whether I was in prison or defending and confirming the Gospel. You are all equal partners with me of this favor,1:8for God is my witness that I ache for you with the compassion of Anointed Jesus.1:9And I pray that your love will overflow more and more in understanding and perception1:10so that you can test various things, being sincere and inoffensive all the way up to the Day of the Anointed,1:11and being filled with righteousness by means of Jesus the Anointed— to the honor and praise of God!

1:12Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has in fact served to advance the Gospel,1:13because it became obvious to the whole palace guard and everyone else that my imprisonment was only because of the Anointed.1:14Not only that, but now most of those who trust the Master, seeing my imprisonment, have become bold, daring to fearlessly spread the Word.1:15Of course, some proclaim the Anointed only to stir up trouble or try to make me envy them, but others do so out of love1:16because they know I’m here for defending the Gospel.1:17Some tell about the Anointed only because they think they can make things worse for me here in prison,1:18but so what? The most important thing is that no matter what the method or motivation, the Anointed is being proclaimed, and that’s a good thing.

And I continue to be happy1:19because I know that I will be rescued eventually, through your requests and the supply of the Spirit of Anointed Jesus.1:20It is my greatest hope that I will have nothing to be ashamed of but will go on boldly as always. And now the Anointed will be more greatly honored in my body, whether through life or death.1:21For while I am alive I have the Anointed, yet if I die I have even more,1:22but on the other hand if I am to go on living in the flesh I can still get work done. I don’t know which is better!1:23I am torn between the two: to break away and be together with the Anointed (which would definitely be better for me),1:24or to stay in the flesh (which is better for you).1:25Yet I am completely confident that I will stay and be with you all, for your progress and the joy of the faith,1:26so that your boasting about Anointed Jesus will overflow due to my coming to you again.

1:27The most important thing is that you are worthy citizens of the Gospel of the Anointed, so that whether I come to see you or not, I hear that you stand firm in one spirit and soul, contending side-by-side for the faith of the Gospel.1:28Don’t be spooked by those who oppose you, by which they prove their condemnation and your acquittal by God.1:29For you have been graciously given, for the Anointed’s sake, not only to put your trust in him but also to suffer for him,1:30having the same struggle you saw and heard that I have.

2:1So then, if you have any consolation in unity with the Anointed, any comfort of love, any partnership of spirit, any compassion and pity,2:2then complete my joy by having that same love for each other, joining in soul with one attitude.2:3Do nothing out of bitter rivalry or selfish ambition, but humbly consider others as your superiors.2:4Don’t push your own agenda but be considerate of others.2:5Have the same attitude among yourselves that Anointed Jesus had:


He did not jealously cling to being in the form of God,

2:7So he emptied himself and took on the form of a slave, becoming human.

2:8And in human form, he humbled himself; he heeded God to the point of death— even death on a cross!

2:9Therefore God made him great and honored him with the Name above all others,

2:10So that at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow— those in heaven and earth and under the earth—

2:11And every tongue will confess that Jesus the Anointed is the Master, to the honor of God the Father.

2:12With that in mind, my loved ones, take heed as you always have— not only in my presence but now even more so in my absence— with the utmost respect, thereby carrying your salvation to its ultimate conclusion.2:13For it is God who is empowering you as he sees fit, in your will and your activities.2:14So do everything without whining and arguing,2:15so that you will become blameless and un-compromised children of God, flawless in the middle of a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world.2:16Hang on to the Word of Life so I can be proud of you on the Day of the Anointed, and so that I will not have labored for nothing.2:17For even if I am like a drink offering on the sacrifice— the official service of your faith— I celebrate with all of you.2:18Come on, share this with me!

2:19I hope by Master Jesus to send Timothy to you very soon, so that I will be cheered up by knowing how you’re doing.2:20For there is no one else who genuinely cares about you as I do;2:21they all are only concerned about themselves and not Jesus the Anointed.2:22But you know the kind of person Timothy is, slaving together with me for the Gospel as a child with their father.2:23So I definitely hope to send him as soon as I know my situation.2:24Even so, I have confidence from the Master that I will come soon myself.

2:25I also feel it necessary to send Epaphroditus, my brother and co-worker and comrade-in-arms, and at the same time your ambassador and the public servant you sent to meet my needs.2:26In fact, he was aching to see you, and even depressed because you heard he was sick.2:27And he was, even to the point of death! But God was merciful to him, and not just to him but also to me, so that I wouldn’t have one sorrow piled on top of another.2:28So I am all the more determined to send him to you, so you can see him again and celebrate, and I can be relieved.2:29So happily accept him as one belonging to the Master, and esteem him highly,2:30since he nearly died in his work for the Master, risking his life so he could fulfill your wishes to be my public servant.

3:1To the rest of you, sisters and brothers: Be happy as those who belong to the Master! I don’t get tired of repeating that, because it is for your safety.3:2Watch out for those “dogs,” those evildoers! They are the “discarded”3:3but we are the “circumcision” by the Spirit of God, offering divine service and being proud of Anointed Jesus instead of having confidence in the flesh.3:4And if anyone is to be confident in the flesh, I certainly qualify. I have more credentials than anyone:3:5circumcised on the eighth day, of the race of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew among Hebrews, and a Pharisee regarding the Law.3:6You want enthusiasm? I persecuted the Congregations. You want cold, hard justice? I was blameless.

3:7But whatever I had gained, through the Anointed I consider it lost.3:8Without a doubt I gave it all up for something superior: knowing Anointed Jesus my Master. I lost it all for him and now view it as nothing but a pile of manure, in order to gain the Anointed.3:9I want to belong to him— not having a righteousness of my own from the law but by means of the faith of the Anointed, the righteousness that comes from faith in God.3:10And I want to know him, the power of his resurrection, and the partnership of his sufferings. Then I will conform to his death,3:11and perhaps even attain the resurrection from the dead.

3:12Now it isn’t as though I have already arrived or finished, but only that I am chasing after it in order to acquire that for which Anointed Jesus surely acquired me.3:13Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself to have acquired it, but I have this one thing in mind: Forgetting what is behind me, I stretch out for what is in front of me3:14toward the goal I’m after: the prize of the calling of God above in Anointed Jesus.

3:15So then, whoever is mature will agree with this, and if anyone doesn’t, God will reveal it to you.3:16Regardless of the level we’ve reached, let’s all pull in the same direction.3:17Imitate me, sisters and brothers, and take note of those who continue with the model we presented to you.3:18For I often told you about many— and I say this with tears— who go around as enemies of the cross of the Anointed.3:19They will be destroyed in the end; their god is their appetite; they celebrate their shame.

Their attention is on the earth,3:20but our citizenship is in the heavens, an inheritance we await from Master Jesus the Anointed.3:21He will transform our lowly body into one like his majestic body, with the power that enables him to uphold everything.4:1So stand firm in our eagerly-expected Master, dear sisters and brothers, my joy and medal of honor!

4:2I encourage Euodia and Syntyche1 to pull together as co-workers of the Master.4:3And yes, I’m also asking you, Synzugos, to assist them, because they contended for the Gospel together with me, along with Clement and the rest of our co-workers, whose names are in the Book of Life.

4:4Always be happy because of the Master; I repeat: be happy!4:5Make your impartiality obvious to everyone; the Master is near.4:6Don’t be obsessed with anything, but in everything— with prayers and appeals with gratitude— make your requests known to God.4:7Then the peace of God, which is superior to every other state of mind, will fortify your hearts and thoughts because of Anointed Jesus.

4:8Finally, sisters and brothers: whatever is true, whatever is dignified, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is agreeable, whatever is well-spoken of— if there is any valor or something praiseworthy— consider these things.4:9Whatever you learned from me and accepted, whatever you heard and saw in me, that’s what you should do. And the God of Peace will be with you.

4:10Now I am very happy along with the Master because your generosity toward me has finally blossomed; you’ve been inconsistent with this.4:11Not that I’m hinting that I want something from you, for I have learned how to be self-sufficient in any situation.4:12I know what it means to be poor and what it means to have more than I need. I have been initiated into the mysteries of satisfaction and hunger, excess and deprivation.4:13I am strong in everything with the One who empowers me.4:14Even so, you did well to participate in my hardship.

4:15Yet you Philippians are aware that in the beginning of the Gospel, when I came out from Macedonia, not one Congregation participated in the collection except you alone.4:16And in Thessalonica you sent me aid more than once or twice.4:17But again, I’m not after your gift, I just want to see your “account balance” increase.4:18Now I have received it all to the point of overflowing, as well as what Epaphroditus brought from you: the fragrant aroma of a sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God.4:19So my God will fill every need of yours in keeping with his glorious wealth through Anointed Jesus.

4:20Now all honor goes to our God and Father for eternity, absolutely!4:21Greet all who are set apart with Anointed Jesus; the believers with me greet you.4:22All who are set apart greet you, especially those in the household of Caesar.4:23May the favor of Master Jesus the Anointed be with your spirits.

  1. 1Euodia and Syntyche are women that Paul calls co-workers and thus equals, and the man Synzugos is to assist them in their work.